The Biometric Automated Toolset – Army Base Access System Enhanced (BAT-A BASE)


The Biometric Identification System for Access (BISA) provided the military in Iraq base access protection but a new identity management solution was needed for temporary workers. BISA was implemented in Iraq at the direction of the Deputy Secretary of Defense to provide a secure tamper proof credential to local-nationals and third-country nationals working on U.S. bases in Iraq. It vetted the applicants biometrically against databases in the U.S. and provided base commanders with the information needed to adjudicate the applicants for access. After successfully fielding the BISA badging system, base commanders discovered that there was a population of temporary “dayworkers” that were not screened through the normal biometric badging process. This group of workers accessed the base daily and consumed resources to monitor and control while on base.  


I3 developed a design for the comprehensive identity management system based on its considerable experience providing holistic solutions to design, development, acquisition, testing and deployment. The system was designed and developed on time, which allowed the Program Executive Office to have the new system inspected for information assurance requirements and subsequently grant authority to operate. I3 navigated the testing and acquisition during a period where decisions necessitated alternate enrollment software be employed while staying within the confines of the framework reviewed by information assurance. I3 also developed techniques to allow older systems to operate in parallel while the transition to the new end-to-end system could occur. Additionally, I3 developed the system so that it not only operated on the Army’s network, but also the Department of State’s. BAT-A BASE is a versatile and robust identity management system collecting biometrics, matching the biometrics, providing adjudication methods, comprehensive report generation, credentialed access and non-credential iris access.