The Afghan Automated Biometric Information System (AABIS) for the Afghanistan National Security Forces

I3 provided the design, procurement, certification, enrollment, management, technical support, FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) integration, training, testing, installation, maintenance, administration, reporting and operational support for the development of the AABIS for the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF).


The system is designed to be compatible with the U.S. DoD ABIS and the FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), and supports parallel biometric and forensic efforts in Afghanistan being undertaken by other U.S. Government organizations. The system has the ability to match multiple biometric modalities (fingerprint, iris, face), ingest both electronic and legacy ten print (paper) cards, and the representation of all user interfaces in the native Dari language.

A Preprocessor/ Postprocessor Transaction Manager (P4TM) was developed to manage and process biometric transactions and responses. In addition to the acquisition of the ABIS, 1,200 livescan biometric collection kits have been fielded to support Afghan security forces. All fielded equipment and systems are supported by local national training certification programs, as well as operational and maintenance support services (full life cycle support).