IntelligenceCounter Intelligence at Ideal Innovations

I3 provides intelligence support to national and international organizations by aiding in the coordination, planning and execution of intelligence collection operations, exploitation and analytic support.


Our team has experience with multi-faceted Intelligence Operations Support programs consisting of, but not limited to, Special Advisors, Intelligence Analysts, Planners, Targeting Support, Counterintelligence (CI) Support, Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection and Debriefing Support, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Support, Screener Support, Intelligence Information Management, Knowledge Management and Special Security personnel; functioning as resident experts for various customers.

Counter Intelligence

I3 delivers CI support through our reporting and identification of emerging trends and patterns from CI missions. We develop all-source association matrices on screened individuals of CI interest, constructs link diagrams and other data visualization tools, conduct priority intelligence requirements (PIR)/Host Nation Information Requirements (HNIR)/Information Requirements (IRs) indicator analysis to focus collection efforts, develop and sustain a CI/HUMINT situation map using existing technologies. 

Intelligence Analysis

I3 is well versed in delivering Intelligence Analytical support to our customers. We have experience researching, developing, presenting and publishing all-source intelligence products at the tactical, operational and strategic level related to Military actions, insurgent activities, economic and political activities, and threats to regional stability. We also have the capability of managing multiple Government requirements and objectives, assisting with the analysis and production of various intelligence products, and supplying analytical support for senior Military leaders.

Knowledge Management

I3 provides trained and certified Knowledge Management expertise to our customers. Our personnel are tasked with strengthening links between knowledge sharing and information systems, advising and supporting information sharing activities while facilitating a seamless transfer of knowledge across all systems. Additionally, our employees implement repeatable processes related to data and work flow standards and support interoperability development. Finally, we have experience managing database development and maintenance for intelligence analytical efforts, systems and web portals in support of Knowledge Management mission.