Derrick Spearman

Derrick Spearman

Vice President, Security & Logistics and ISO QMS Management Representative

As the Vice President of Security and Logistics, Mr. Spearman is directly responsible for planning, developing and implementing all security and logistics policies and procedures for Ideal Innovations, Inc as well as the day-to-day functions of the department.

He serves as the direct link between I3various government agencies and other cleared companies for all security and logistics related issues. He is keenly aware of security requirements and is experienced in the maintenance of the operational security of the facility, its mission, and methods used to control and protect national security information. He is solely responsible for the processes and execution of the global Supply Chain operation and has management responsibility for all program/project spending and logistical functions for I3.

As QMS Management Representative, Mr. Spearman reports directly to top management and is directly responsible for the ISO process of the company. He coordinates meetings with the top management to review subjects such as the performance of various members of the company or its financial health. Mr. Spearman plans, arranges and undertake internal audits within Ideal Innovations, Inc. as well as well as external audits with outside certification agencies. He ensures the audit exercise happens in line with the requirements of the ISO that relate to management reviews and audits.

Prior to joining I3, Mr. Spearman was the Facilities and Security Manager for McNeil Technologies, Inc. During this position, he managed a department which supported the company’s growth from 700 cleared personnel to over 1400 in less than two years. He developed procedures which enabled the successful acquisition and transition of two cleared companies. Mr. Spearman began his professional career as a United States Marine from 1990 to 1998 and brings over 19 years of professional experience in the field of administrative and security management in both military and government contract areas. He is a DOD Certified Facility Security Officer and a member of the National Classification Management Society (NCMS).

Mr. Spearman holds a B.S. in Management from National-Louis University.